Titles: Nurturing Provider, mistress of eternal hope,
Rank: Greater / 16

Portfolio: Health, kindness, death, earth, water, hope, life,

Domains: Earth, Good, Nature, Water, Hope, Death

Alignment: NG

Favored Weapon: Long Bow

Class: Druid 20 / Ranger 20 / Cleric 20 / Witch 20 / Bard 20 / Outsider 20

Portfolio: Hope, Health, kindness, plants, earth, Death, Water, Earth, love,

Home Plane: Prime & shadow Prime

Her symbol represents: Hope, Life and death. She blesses her followers with strong bodies, long life, and happy relationships with the Hope in a peaceful afterlife.

Ethos: Many warriors draw strength from natures elements all around them. It is important to keep those precious to you close. They may prove to make every difference with your future successes.



The Rhonas Empire Vic321