Mortal elemental trait

Revamped for 5th edition

Water template:
Water Born
water breathing
Blood of the Sea: + 1 stat bonus to dexterity or intelligence.

Earth template:
Earths Armor: base AC 11
Grounded: advantage on grapple checks.
Blood of the earth: + 1 stat bonus to constitution or strength.

Air template:
Air form: An air-infused creature gains a fly speed (perfect maneuverability) equal to its highest speed. If the base creature already has a fly speed, it increases to match the base creature’s highest speed, with perfect maneuverability.
Blood of the sky: + 1 stat bonus to dexterity or wisdom.

Fire template:
Unshakable: immune to all stunning or dazing effects.
Haste: 2/short rest
Bless: 2/short rest
Blood of Fire: + 1 stat bonus to strength or Charisma.

Mortal elemental trait

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