Rhonas Elves

When the gods remade the world the elfs on the content of Rhonas found there new world drastically changed.

The high borne elfs and the nefarious drow city’s were not only in close proximity but unavoidably needing the same resources.

The bitter cousins resumed their eons strife immediately. Thus began several centuries of bitter war. Both sides would have undoubtedly destroyed one another. But the fates had other plans.

To the distant Northeast lay the United dwarf kingdoms. Southwest orc and goblin hordes. West coast of the content a vast human empire and east. Woodlands.

The orcs and goblins attacked the elfs not caring about color. Giving the elfs a common enemy the elfs set aside their internal war, uniting against the invaders.
During the war a Matron mother Mali’Sha and the elf Lord En’pol. Joining their houses and became the most powerful house of either faction.

Nearing the end and victory of the invention. the rise of house Zau’mtor (Children of Cortona) forever changed the elves and the content was never be safe again.

Within two generations the elfs of house Zau’mtor had inter bread into a new race of elves. Know as Rhonas Elves. The new elves had all the strength of both blood line’s and none of the weaknesses.

The house Zau’mtor proclaimed to be the future and had the favor of the elven goddess Cortona. They offered every elf status and station if the drow and high elfs intermingled.

Within another two generations the Rhonas Elves were finally one United kingdom. House Zau’mtor the new imperial throne. Human_Slaves.jpg

Before long the deadly Rhonas built grand floating city’s and turned their attention to conquest. The ruthless cunning of their drow heritage mixed with the temperance of the high elves resulted in the golden age of the empire. Built upon the backs of slavery and paved in blood of those who opposed them.

Rhonas Elves

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