Titles: Infernal Archmage, Dark one,
Lesser 7
Alignment: NE
Domains: Magic, Rune, Knowledge, Evil
Favored Weapon: Wand or Staff

Class: Wizard 40 / Archmage 10 / Cleric 20 / Outsider 20 /

Portfolio: Arcane Magic, Evil, Law, Evolution (self created), Technology, Hidden Knowledge, Secrets

Home Plane: Demi-Plane connected to the hells

Ethos: Prepare for the unexpected; I have already won before our encounter, while you are defeated and seeking to win.

Dogma: I’m capable of anything & everything and I will create the perfect storm of my choosing…. Mark my words daughter I will eat your heart and consume you’re very soul!

Clergy and Temples: Rhonas elves who focus on their arcane gifts accend to create and circulate magic of Aether. Each floating city has a great temple.


The Rhonas Empire Vic321